We eat our own cooking.​

At Weinstat Wealth Management, getting the recipe just so – for the success of your asset portfolio, is my personal mission.

Sparked by an opportunity presented while at Weinstat and Weinstat, CPA’s over 25 years ago, to me, this company has always been about family. As the second “Weinstat” in the CPA firm, I worked with and learned from my father, Arnold Weinstat, for over 20 years. As the Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) business grew, not only did I invest my own money, but so did my parents, sister and other family members. This extended to close friends and long-time clients of the CPA firm, whom we considered as extended ‘family.”

Today, and always, I strive for outstanding results, mixing ingredients of sectors and stocks, earnings and economy – and more. While past performance is not a guarantee of future returns, we have dined quite well.

And this is my recipe for success. I am all in. For you and for me. This is Weinstat Wealth Management.

Michael Weinstat, RIA

Michael Weinstat, RIA

Weinstat Wealth Management’s disciplined investment process, coupled with highly personalized service, has resulted in long lasting relationships with our clients.

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